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Escaping the Time Trap for the Busy Professional

Your time is short and you’ve got more to do than ever before. You know business development is important, but you just can’t make yourself do it given all the fires you’re fighting. Time is the cause of stress, anxiety, distraction fueled addictions, and sleepless nights.  Right now, time is how you get compensated. It’s […]

Surprising Lessons from Coaching

Why do your business development initiatives fail? Why do you feel burned out from these efforts? Why is branding a lot like starting a workout plan? What’s the common link between a day at the spa and selling? These are some of the questions we examine on this episode.We go over the key lessons we […]

Take Charge with Norman Bacal

Norman Bacal is a legend in Canadian law. Norm built & led one of Canada‚Äôs most prestigious law firms. He was also one of the most successful film finance lawyers in the country. He sat on the board of directors of a Hollywood studio and represented companies like Warner Bros, MGM, Sony, and Lionsgate.  Then, […]

From Wrestler to Legal Sales Pro

Nick Cegelski gets what it takes to sell. Sales is not a dirty word to him. The heart of sales is a conversation, it is about questions.In this episode, we break down the entire client sales meeting where you as a lawyer have to sit down and convince the client to retain you. But as […]