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Our Coaching Helps You Build Great Systems & Habits

We have a course for people at every stage in their career. We coach primarily in small groups, hold you accountable to the tasks you agree to, and help you implement the best business development practices to fit your time and energy.

Throughout it all, we work to make sure you have fun! Our goal is to make business development into a delightful activity for you. After all, what’s the point otherwise?

Satisfaction Guaranteed, Or Your Money Back

Seriously. Go ahead and sign-up. Show up for our classes. Take a full 1 year beyond our class to continue implementing our ideas. See the results yourself. If you aren’t satisfied, we will return your money. How many people can stand behind their courses this confidently?

Choose Your Track

Breakthrough Lawyer Branding

In these hands-on workshops, get control over your career with a powerful value proposition to magnetize clients and opportunities. You’ll discover and articulate your Unshakeable Value. It is the razor’s edge that helps you cut through the clutter of competition to have better opportunities, relationships, clients, and ultimately more control coming your way. Next cohort in April 2022.

The Network Mastery Course

For junior associates just starting out their career. Use principles of network science to build an enviable network that opens opportunities that you’ve never imagined before. Knowing how to use your network systematically is the most powerful way to leapfrog your way ahead. In this 6 week course, we work with you to implement best practices that take no more than 5-10 minutes a day. Next cohort TBD.

The Authentic Business Builder

For partners, solo-practitioners, and senior associates looking to get ahead. In this 8 week course, learn and execute on the strategies and tactics to build an unshakeable brand that gets you the business you deserve. Based on best practices, you will build your skills to make business development into a daily practice that sets you up for long term success. Next cohort TBD.

What to Expect

In each cohort, we seek diverse opinions and voices. We try to get people from different geographies, different areas of practice, and from non-competing areas. We believe you will learn just as much from us as you will from each other.

We then start with a kick-off session where we get to know everyone and set expectations. You will then be added to a group chat where everyday, we will all be interacting and supporting each other throughout the daily/weekly challenges & tasks.

The group accountability is a powerful way to grow quickly. Such a large portion of building the skill of business development is about overcoming limiting beliefs, excuses and fears. Seeing your peers make progress daily is an incredible way to grow together, and get collective support if you need it (for example, when you start making social media posts and need people supporting you).

Each week, we will meet once on a Zoom call. However, you can always message us directly whenever you need help, or have a pressing client meeting, pitch, or a situation at work.

Each weekly live session focuses on 3 parts: What worked for you? What didn’t work for you? Where do you need help? Together, we help one another get better and take action. We spend the last part of our weekly call setting up next week’s lesson.

At the end of each live session, you will get a handout/takeaway sheet OR a longer lecture on our online academy portal, which you can view at your own leisure.

This way, you get better together with everyone else. It builds a supportive community. Business deals, referrals, and great friendships have emerged from these groups.

At the end of the cohort, you will have learned the best practices of business development that work for you. More importantly, you will have built the habit of doing this daily. Growing your career and your book of business is a marathon, not a sprint, and we help you enjoy the road!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. If you’re a solo-practitioner, we know this can be useful for you. Just let us know in the application form you’d like it. We can split it up in 2 or 3 payments.

Can I get some material to send to my HR/Director of Training for approval?

Sure, most of the time, sending a link to this page is enough. If you require something more, like a letter on our letterhead, let us know and we can get that to you. Just email us at [email protected]

Do you seriously offer a money back guarantee?

Yes. Seriously. We know you take a chance when you sign up for such a long term course. We are humbled and honored by it. We put our best ideas in every cohort and work hard to build an amazing culture in each cohort. That’s why we can confidently offer this guarantee, so you can feel safe signing up.

What’s included in the course?

A variety of topics: How to build a powerful USP, how to utilize network science to beyond powerful referral networks, how to build sales funnels. Most importantly, it includes accountability in a group of your peers. You also get unlimited access to us during the week via instant messaging. We cannot give you a perfect outline of each week, because we customize it on the needs of a cohort. But the above list of topics should give you a good idea.

The times above don’t work for me. Do you offer other times?

When you apply, you will have the option of picking multiple times that work for you or proposing other times altogether. If there is enough demand, we can either run another cohort at a different time.


Feel free to submit the form below if you have more questions or send us an email at academy [at] buildyourbook [dot] org.