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To all solo & small firm lawyers: Get the Ultimate Guide to Building a Rock Solid Book of Business–authentically & stress free. The Amazon Bestseller is now available for free.

A Hands On Training Methodology

1 off sessions are not the answer. One day workshops and finding “hacks” and tricks just don’t work. Our standard five module course gets adapted depending on your needs. Get training that sticks and drives results. Authentically, ethically, and without burning out.

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Become a Rainmaker at Your Firm

For individuals looking to learn and grow with focused and dedicated training: get a customized strategy and plan of action that helps you get and retain business time and time again. Become indispensable, enjoy greater success in freedom in your role. Money back guarantee included.

Group Training At Your Firm

Effective multi-week training in groups of up to 5 people at a time. Groups will learn to customize their strategy and execute on their action steps with group feedback and coaching.
Money back guarantee included.

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Why Lawyers Need a Business Development Strategy In this episode, we talk with Aaron Baer, Partner at Aird & Berlis, a Top 10 Canadian law firm. He recounts his story of having to adapt quickly during the Coronavirus pandemic and how approaching business development strategically made a huge difference for him. The fact is, lawyers are like pilots. They can't fly a plane by themselves. They need a flight plan, a ground crew, and a crew on the plane. This podcast …
Client Buying Experiences
It's not about how long you've been a practicing attorney.It's not about how big or small your law firm is.It's not about how impressive your network is.You can get outsized clients if you know how to construct the buying experience.The research backs me up:"The Corporate Executive Board (CEB) found that 53% of customer loyalty is attributed to the customer’s buying experience, according to a survey of over 5,000 people at members’ customer organizations. Compare this …
Copies of Copies
"What's your plan to provide value to your prospective clients?" I asked the lawyers."We will publish thought leadership and post it on LinkedIn and our site," they replied back."Does anyone read it? Have you gotten any business from it?" I asked back."Uhh…we aren't really sure."Without optimizing any content, without any measurement, without any calls to actions, law firms are all following the same "playbook" of publishing content that no one reads or engages with.It's the …

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