The Network Mastery Course

For the associate just starting out their legal careers, applying network science can speed your success 10-20x.

How do you create value in your life? How do you speed up success?

This 6 week workshop is unlike any course out there. It blends insights insights from the world of venture capital, sales, sociology, digital media and commerce from the hallways of power.

Consider some of the fastest growing technology companies in the world.

Facebook. AirBnB. Uber. Lyft. DoorDash. Trulia. The list is long.

These companies have created immense value worth billions of dollars (hundreds of billions!) across the globe.

Yet, they don’t own anything other than data. Information. Knowledge.

They “only” connect people.

AirBnB cannot work if it only has people looking for a place to stay but no tenants renting out their property.

Length: 6 weeks

Next Start Date: Q1 2022

Time: TBD

Medium: Weekly video calls, daily group text app.

Format: Workshop (i.e. this is not meant to be an academic course)

Price*: US$749 / CDN $949

*Payments plans offered

Uber doesn’t work if there are no drivers on the system. It needs drivers and riders coming together.

All of these marketplaces have connected two people together. They have become super-connectors. In essence, their entire business model is to be super-connectors.

Everything they do, everything, is based on this insight. Their engineers, designers, product people, marketers, and even lawyers come together in furthering this purpose.

This leads us to our first insight: Success comes from being a super-connector.

Can you imagine if you can re-create this in a micro way? If companies are able to build billion dollar empires from using this concept, what would happen if you could use it as you start out your career?

How would it compound with time?

Network science teaches us that you can.

It is interesting to note that the value of these companies increases with each additional “user” that gets added. And this value is not linear.

For example, when Uber adds another driver or rider on its network, it has created value for every other driver and rider across the world.

That additional driver means that a rider can come from the other side of the world, knowing that there will be an Uber driver who can be trusted to show up and take me to where I need to go.

Similarly, a new rider signing up for Uber means that each driver benefits as part of the network.

Which leads us to insight 2:

Each additional person in your network increases the value of your network exponentially, not linearly.

A corollary to this insight means that as you build your network, your pace of success grows!

Of course all this can only happen if you take the time to cultivate your network. To become the super connector.

Interestingly enough, this doesn’t require you being a gregarious extrovert. Nor does it take hours on end.

You don’t need millions of people, nor the most important or impressive people in the world as part of your network.

If anything, sometimes that can be a hindrance. Consider the person born into privilege who takes their network for granted because of their family name. If they don’t make an effort to nurture it, it will fail to create value for them beyond a certain point.

What this means is that you must be investing in your network constantly. You must become a super-connector.

What matters in your career is your ability to become a source of value in your network, and continue growing it.

This might seem daunting, but the good news is that you’ve already been doing it!

Your networks have influenced where you study, who you date and marry, where you live.

In turn, you have influenced your network in countless ways you cannot imagine.

This course is about deliberately using network science to get the results you want.

Ideas, capital, connections, jobs, clients, status, requests, belonging, etc. all belong in networks. This course teaches you how to tap into it.

Cultivating Network Mastery therefore gives you an enviable edge in life. That’s what this course is about.

In this 6 week course, you will:

  • learn the underpinnings of network science.
  • start building habits to use it daily.
  • be surrounded by a supportive group of people to cheer you along.
  • build systems that can help you run this on autopilot.
  • implement technology to keep you propelling forward.
  • break through mental barriers.
  • get scripts and tools to use to make network cultivation a breeze.
  • gain an enviable network of like-minded attorneys.

To clarify, this isn’t about becoming a “social media influencer”. That’s right for some people, and not at all right for others.

This is about using smart ideas to create real progress.

Consider Wendy Ngai and her story:

As a relatively junior associate, I’ve always had my reservations about business development. Was I ready? Do I have the right skill set and competence to help potential clients with their problems?
Aaron and Dhawal’s coaching and insight through the Build Your Book course helped quell some of those fears and mental roadblocks.
Over the past 8 weeks, I’ve brought in two clients to my firm, connected with a number of prospective clients, honed my professional brand, and learned to use a myriad of tools and strategies for my own long-term and short-term business development goals.
All while in a way that felt truly authentic to myself.
Tiny achievements, yes. But with the right mindset and continued action on my part, I am confident that this investment in my professional development will no doubt yield dividends in the future.

Stories like hers are not uncommon. In fact, you can read many stories on our testimonials page from partners, solo-practitioners and associates like you who have gone through our coaching programs and seen a real difference.

How the Academy Works

We get on weekly calls to address challenges, opportunities, and help one another move further ahead. Of course, a shared sense of belonging is a big part of that. We use an online portal to go through the lessons themselves.

This type of pedagogy has been proven to be significantly more effective in picking up the practical skill of business development. It is also known as the flipped classroom approach.

In addition to this, we also use group messaging to check in with our daily/weekly tasks and hold each other accountable.

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