The Authentic Business Builder

In an age of algorithms, authenticity is the need of the hour. In this virtual age, realness is scarce. Whereas expertise is abundant, curation and connection aren’t. In this new paradigm, lawyers and attorneys need to learn to adapt. This course teaches you how. The good news is that for those who embrace it, there are abundant financial and personal rewards.

If you’re a partner, a senior associate, or a solo-practitioner at a law firm, you should know about the silent tectonic shift taking place that will affect your practice.

For decades, lawyers and attorneys enjoyed a privileged position in society. You could get work based on the virtue of your law school, the name of your firm, and the size of your office.

When you had to grow your book of business, you could attend a few networking events, write a few thought pieces, and spend enough time on the golf course and business would flow your way.

Not anymore.

The competition for attention is greater than ever before. The world is more distant yet close at the same time. You can now truly get clients from around the world. At the same time, you no longer have the luxury of relying on golf games and long lunches to grow your book of business.

What’s more, your clients are more discerning than ever before.

So are you. Did you notice?

Here’s an example: When was the last time you went out to a new restaurant? What drove you there? If you’re anything like most people nowadays, you search and try to find even a coffee shop or a pizza shop with the best reviews, the right ambiance, and great food.

You want to know their story. People want to understand what makes their pizza or coffee so great.

If people are this discerning with buying a slice of pizza or a cup of coffee, how much more do you imagine they are when it comes to retaining an attorney?

This is the tectonic change that’s happening underneath. What have you done to prepare yourself for it?

Length: 8 weeks

3 possible options to choose:

  • Sundays at 10 AM Eastern (Jan 16th onwards) – 4/7 spots gone.
  • Mondays at 8 PM Eastern (Jan 17th onwards) – 2/7 spots gone.
  • Mondays at 1 PM Eastern (Jan 17th onwards) Full

Workshop (i.e. this is not meant to be an academic course)


US$1997/ CDN $2497

*Payments plans offered upon acceptance.

The Age of the Authentic Attorney

Today’s discerning buyer (whether it be an individual or a large business) demands more.

The only way to stand out is to be you. To lean into your edges, and then build a strategy to get you business that way.

In this new age, the lawyer has to more than just a legal practitioner. You have to be a hub of ideas, connections, resources, work, business, opportunities, and so much more!

You have to become an influencer to the people you want to serve. This doesn’t necessarily mean joining Tik Tok, YouTube, LinkedIn or other media platforms and trying to make funny videos.

Not at all.

It means getting in front of the people who you want to serve, and authentically communicating your value to them. Regularly, consistently, and with humanity. It is about giving them the ideas, resources, connections that they can use.

More than anything, it means showing a part of your authentic self. No one can emulate that. Your personal story is the most unique part of who you are, and sharing that with the world (or the world of people you want to serve), is the hidden secret in quickly building trust and rapport.

It is also the secret to opening the floodgates of more clients, more money, more freedom, more flexibility, and more fulfillment in your work. You get clients coming your way who resonate deeply with you, pre-qualified and pre-sold.

In other words, becoming an Authentic Lawyer not only feels good, but it’s also highly profitable. That’s what this course is about.

Your Main Work is Growth

I’ll be honest. If you listen to our podcasts, you read a few books, you can learn the ideas that we teach in our cohort.

In fact, over the 8 weeks, here are some of the topics we cover:

  • Applying Network Science to Nurture Relationships
  • Applying Technology to Nurture Your Clients
  • Building your Unique Selling Proposition
  • Authentic Storytelling about your Brand
  • Funnel Design for your Client Market
  • Client Conversational Skills to Increase Sales & Referrals
  • and a lot more!

But to put them into practice is an art in itself.

To put them into practice requires playfulness, a willingness to experiment, a dash of courage, and a whole lot of support. It also requires constant refinement and tweaking.

That’s what we offer in our cohort. Our 8 week cohort is filled with great ideas. But most importantly, we give you the space and freedom to experiment, try things out, get feedback, iterate, and grow.

You do this all in a small group of like-minded lawyers from around who are 100% committed to helping you succeed and who share the same ethos as you.

Your main work in this course is growth. This is about re-orienting your relationship with your clients, but also with yourself and your profession.

In this way, building your book authentically is about building your practice, and building your life better.

Check out all the stories of people who have completely changed their orientation based on joining the cohort.

There are stories of people from law firms large and small. From attorneys at all stages in their career.

Are you ready to start?

How the Academy Works

Step 1: Apply

Fill out the application here. It takes 2-4 minutes.

Step 2: Speak

Get on a 15 minute screening call to clear up any questions.

Step 3: Join

If there’s a good fit, we will send you instructions to pay and join the kick-off session!

We get on weekly calls to address challenges, opportunities, and help one another move further ahead. Of course, a shared sense of belonging is a big part of that. We use an online portal to go through the lessons themselves.

This type of pedagogy has been proven to be significantly more effective in picking up the practical skill of business development. It is also known as the flipped classroom approach.

In addition to this, we also use group messaging to check in with our daily/weekly tasks and hold each other accountable. This is a key part of our academy as so much of our course takes place during the week itself when you’re DOING the tasks.

Who This is Not For

❌ If you’d like to not take any action at all and just treat this like a series of lectures. This is not meant to be a passive experience.

❌ If you cannot contribute to the rest of the group. This is meant to be a collaborative experience where everyone helps each other with feedback, motivation, and their presence. Our course is based on mutual trust and respect. If you will not be able to give this, this course is not right for you.

❌ If you’re without work and are looking to re-enter the job market. This is focused on branding and business development, and you might have mileage elsewhere.

❌ If you’re looking for instant results, this course may not be for you. While 9/10 people recoup their entire investment in this course within a month, this is meant to be a long term focused workshop. This is not a “quick hacks” kind of course.

The Cost of Inaction

Many people think they can keep waiting. They believe they can figure this out themselves. After all, they’re smart. They’re lawyers after all.

Undoubtedly you can – after making enough mistakes.

Even after figuring out the ropes, there is still the gap that comes from seeing the world as a lawyer. There will always be blind spots.

Equally as important, you must understand your own goals.

Why delay the significant rewards that come your way if you figure this out sooner? In a survey of 100 attorneys across the US and Canada, people mentioned that a greater book of a business would mean:

  • Greater financial rewards
  • More control over your hours, type of work, etc.
  • Greater flexibility to start your own practice
  • Greater leverage to move firms
  • Power within the firm
  • More likely to make partner
  • Less likely to lose your job
  • Not being worried about not having enough work

Why not invest in these significant and outsized gains?

Why not short circuit the learning process and work with an expert who already has a track record of delivering results? Who already can coach, train and make things happen for you?

There are many other coaching and training programs out there for lawyers to build their business development skills. None have come close to matching the 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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