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Getting Control & Clarity

You want more control, more autonomy and a greater sense of feeling over your career. So far, the path to get there has been hazy at best. People become partners and still stumble their way around. Go to coffees and lunches, it sort of works sometimes, and so you hunker down and just do your […]

In 2022, get on the rocket 🚀

In 2022, get short, fun, and new actionable missions every month to grow your book of practice, presence, and brand. Starting at just $19/month. Are you ready to get off the roller coaster 🎢 and on to the rocket 🚀? Learn more here. Open to lawyers and other service professionals from everywhere in the world. […]

Hustle & Grit with Eric Janssen

Eric is a practitioner and also a professor of sales at the Ivey Business School at the University of Western Ontario. Each year he teaches hundreds of entrepreneurs, consultants, engineers, and new grads how to sell. Not long ago he was in the trenches (sometimes literally) closing deals with the best music festivals in the […]