Branding & Content on LinkedIn for Lawyers with Robyn Addis

Robyn Addis

Branding & Content on LinkedIn for Lawyers with Robyn Addis Build Your Book

If you’re looking to invest more time and effort on LinkedIn, and thinking about your content, you will want to catch this episode with Robyn Addis.

Robyn is a digital transformation architect at LISI. That is to say, she helps lawyers tell stories, produce content on LinkedIn, and get their digital strategy right.

In this practical episode on branding, we get down the rabbit hole of ideas, tactics, and strategies that lawyers can start using to produce better content and spruce up their presence so that they get results!In this episode, we get into all sorts of insights including:

  • What branding on LinkedIn is all about…
  • How to come up with great content ideas…
  • Why everyone needs to use a content calendar…
  • The internal struggles of writing and sharing for women and how to overcome them…
  • and much more…

We hope you find this interesting and helpful if you’re going down the route of more content to attract the right clients.

Resources from this Episode:

  • Find Robyn on LinkedIn here.
  • Check out Legalisi and get their content calendar to get started.

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