Rainmaking for Attorneys with Liz Wendling

Rainmaking for Attorneys with Liz Wendling Build Your Book

Have you ever found yourself trying to upgrade your “sales” skills by learning how to close?

Lawyers & attorneys routinely believe that is the magic skill they’re missing to get better at getting clients to sign the dotted line.

Well, it turns out that the paradigm is upside down! Opening is the new “closing”.

Liz Wendling tells us how. 

Liz combines a rock-solid sales background with a passion for coaching. She believes it’s all about HOW you sell that matters. When you start changing your sales approach, language, and process, everything changes for you.

Liz has coached many lawyers to build solid business skills, develop a success mindset, exceed their sales expectations, and prosper in this new economy.

In this episode, we get into how this all happens !Listen to this podcast to change how you think about selling.


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