Escaping the Time Trap for the Busy Professional

Escaping the Time Trap for the Busy Professional Build Your Book

Your time is short and you’ve got more to do than ever before. You know business development is important, but you just can’t make yourself do it given all the fires you’re fighting.

Time is the cause of stress, anxiety, distraction fueled addictions, and sleepless nights. 

Right now, time is how you get compensated. It’s all about the input. This way of thinking about time limits you from freeing yourself from your work. It prevents you from building your business. It stops you from being creative about how to automate/delegate/eliminate tasks.

In this episode, we start re-framing time. We look at the almighty to-do list and calendar and explore why they are some of the worst tools to think about how you look and manage time.

Most importantly, we find a better metaphor and analogy that will free you from the stress and anxiety of time.

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