Why Lawyers Need a Business Development Strategy

In this episode, we talk with Aaron Baer, Partner at Aird & Berlis, a Top 10 Canadian law firm. He recounts his story of having to adapt quickly during the Coronavirus pandemic and how approaching business development strategically made a huge difference for him.

The fact is, lawyers are like pilots. They can’t fly a plane by themselves. They need a flight plan, a ground crew, and a crew on the plane. This podcast is about breaking broken ideas and embracing more authenticity, greater freedom, and greater financial rewards that comes when you build your book strategically.

The episode is hosted by Dhawal Tank. He has 10 years of experience doing business development across industries and company sizes. He currently runs BuildYourBook.org helping lawyers becomes business development pros and build the practice of their dream


  • Build Your Book: https://www.buildyourbook.org