The Importance of Mindset, Authenticity & Vulnerability in Business Development

The Importance of Mindset, Authenticity & Vulnerability in Business Development Build Your Book

Vulnerability, Authenticity and Mindset are rarely talked about in the legal profession. Lawyers are taught to button up and appear invulnerable.

This is not only a recipe of lukewarm business relationships, but a lingering dissatisfaction in the practice of law.

In this podcast, we talk about all the ways we can be more authentic and the surprising success that comes from embracing your authentic self and changing your mindset.

In this episode, we continue our conversation with Aaron Baer discussing the importance of mindset, authenticity and vulnerability when it comes to business development and life itself.

We discuss:

  • Why most people burn out from doing business development
  • How to gain more confidence and self-esteem in your work
  • The one crucial mindset change you need to make when you’re wearing the business development hat
  • Why most strategic and tactical tips/ideas to do with business development don’t work
  • Our favorite books & authors who can change your view of your work and people
  • The trends in corporate America in business development training
  • What the military and business development have in common
  • and much more…!


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