The Importance of Mindset, Authenticity & Vulnerability in Business Development

006: Angela Han on How to Navigate Through Personal Blind Spots Build Your Book

A teacher who becomes a lawyer. This is the story of Angela Han, an immigrant to the US who goes from feeling unwanted & unworthy to becoming someone who loves her work as a lawyer, a health coach, a life coach, and a mom. This is a deeply personal episode as Angela talks about her immigration story to the US, her turbulent start in the legal profession and what it takes to re-invent yourself. She's been coaching women to reinvent their legal careers and we're excited to have her on! In this episode, we discuss: How finding your passion often begins with finding your deepest pain. Why playfulness is so important in your career. What most people are missing when they want to change their life. The true cost of fear in your life. The importance of finding a powerful why and the process to do it. Transcending from "problem" thinking to "creating" thinking. When it makes sense to hire a personal career/life-skill coach. How to deal with the ego in the process of reinvention. For us, the big lesson was about embracing the importance of creative thinking and playfulness. There is absolutely no question of deservedness. Have a vision. Take action. Go! Resources: Angela Han's Personal Website. Books we discussed: Building a Storybrand The Prosperous Coach How to do the Work Atomic Habits The mission of this podcast and our work is to help lawyers create a great practice and a great life. To bring this to more people, we are launching an online academy to make our best coaching available to everyone, on-demand. Let's reinvent the legal profession. If you're interested in this, join our list by going on to and getting our free book in the meanwhile. — Send in a voice message:
  1. 006: Angela Han on How to Navigate Through Personal Blind Spots
  2. Pivoting Your Legal Career, The Value of Little Experiments, and Recreating Your Work
  3. Choosing Yourself in the Legal Profession
  4. Givers & Takers, Abundance vs. Scarcity
  5. The Importance of Mindset, Authenticity & Vulnerability in Business Development

Vulnerability, Authenticity and Mindset are rarely talked about in the legal profession. Lawyers are taught to button up and appear invulnerable.

This is not only a recipe of lukewarm business relationships, but a lingering dissatisfaction in the practice of law.

In this podcast, we talk about all the ways we can be more authentic and the surprising success that comes from embracing your authentic self and changing your mindset.

In this episode, we continue our conversation with Aaron Baer discussing the importance of mindset, authenticity and vulnerability when it comes to business development and life itself.

We discuss:

  • Why most people burn out from doing business development
  • How to gain more confidence and self-esteem in your work
  • The one crucial mindset change you need to make when you’re wearing the business development hat
  • Why most strategic and tactical tips/ideas to do with business development don’t work
  • Our favorite books & authors who can change your view of your work and people
  • The trends in corporate America in business development training
  • What the military and business development have in common
  • and much more…!


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