The Entrepreneurial Lawyer with Sukhi Hansra

The Entrepreneurial Lawyer with Sukhi Hansra Build Your Book

He’s a food entrepreneur, a tech consultant, a lawyer, and just someone who thinks differently. Sukhi is an entrepreneur first who decided to choose himself and skip the line that other lawyers force themselves into.

The fact is, anyone can learn to be an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are not born, they’re made. And despite what you might think, there is less risk than ever before.

In this talk, we learn about Sukhi’s story, and we get into solid tactics and strategies to help you get started with building your own abundance mindset as well as tips to get clients coming in through the door.

We also get into:

  • The art of asking shamelessly (and usually getting what you’re asking for)
  • What it takes to skip the traditional line that a lawyer feels so confined in
  • If optimism is learnable or not
  • Why being different is your unique advantage and that you need to go all in on
  • What cheesy marketing techniques actually work
  • and more…


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