From Wrestler to Legal Sales Pro

From Wrestler to Legal Sales Pro with Nick Cegelski Build Your Book

Nick Cegelski gets what it takes to sell. Sales is not a dirty word to him. The heart of sales is a conversation, it is about questions.In this episode, we break down the entire client sales meeting where you as a lawyer have to sit down and convince the client to retain you.

But as you’ll soon discover, there is no convincing required if you run the meeting in the right away.

In this practically grounded episode, we learn from Nick all the ways that lawyers get in their own way in running sales meetings with prospective clients.

He shows us a different approach, a more human approach. And it isn’t about slicking back your hair, cracking jokes, and being sleazy. It is all about the art and science of building comfort and asking questions.

If you’re looking for more sales ideas, don’t forget to check out Nick’s podcast: 30 Minutes to President’s Club! It is made for salespeople who want to go further.


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