Erin Durant on Why the Future of Law is Small

007: Erin Durant – The Future is Small Build Your Book

What makes someone go from a partner at a large law firm to striking out on their own in a small practice? In this incredible talk, we learn from the candid Erin Durant about her adventure into building something herself.

She talks about how going out on your own is less scary than people think. She gets into all the ways she prepared herself to do things herself, and what it takes to build an incredible culture (that is to contrary to how big law thinks!) at a firm.

She makes a compelling case on why now is a better time than ever before to strike out on your own and succeed.

Plus of course, the need for a coach and mentor during pivotal moments of change in your life & career.

We get into all the details about mentorship, marketing, and mental health as well in this episode.


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