Wendy Ngai

As a relatively junior associate, I’ve always had my reservations about business development. Was I ready? Do I have the right skill set and competence to help potential clients with their problems?
Aaron and Dhawal’s coaching and insight through the Build Your Book course helped quell some of those fears and mental roadblocks.
Over the past 8 weeks, I’ve brought in two clients to my firm, connected with a number of prospective clients, honed my professional brand, and learned to use a myriad of tools and strategies for my own long-term and short-term business development goals.
All while in a way that felt truly authentic to myself.
Tiny achievements, yes. But with the right mindset and continued action on my part, I am confident that this investment in my professional development will no doubt yield dividends in the future.
With that said, I am both grateful and glad to have had the opportunity to learn from Aaron, Dhawal, along with the other members of our cohort. I would not hesitate to recommend Build Your Book to other junior associates who are ready to take concrete action towards their business development goals.