Selena Kim

Many of us law firm lawyers need something more than hours to sustain us in our careers. We need a plan. For many of us, the pandemic has brought this need into sharp relief.
I continue to have success as an IP lawyer, but started feeling in the last year that I wanted to come up with something more deliberate for my future work years. You can allow your career to happen to you, or you can stop and think about what kinds of clients you enjoy, what you want, and how to plant the seeds to get it.
There is a lot of information out there on how to build legal practices. However, most lawyers are not conditioned to put aside time daily to look into such matters and, most importantly, to take action. I realized this about myself earlier this year and therefore signed up for a group BD program where I could get new ideas and meet like-minded people.
It was called, quite appropriately, Build Your Book, run by Aaron Baer and Dhawal Tank. They combine big law experience with sales science and tech, and even make it easy to sign up by telling you the exact schedule and how much it costs right on their website. By participating, I gained connections to some incredible lawyers from around the world, meeting people and hearing perspectives I never would have been exposed to otherwise.
Most importantly, the program works. As long as you stay open-minded to new ideas, and take some small action every day, you can feel things changing for you immediately. It has helped me to crystallize what direction I want for my career going forward.
This program is ideal for private practice lawyers who know they need to come up with a plan, but would benefit from learning more and talking through how to get there.  Spots are available early next year; consider starting 2022 by investing in more fulfillment and direction for your career. If you are on the fence, please reach out. I will be happy to tell you more about it, so you can decide if it would be right for you.