Don’t be a Thought Leader, be a Thought Curator

Today, I spoke with a partner at a big law firm. He was frustrated that his thought leadership pieces were not really taking him anywhere.

He had a great audience. He was invited to write for all the important publications in his practice area. But he also had recently bought a house and had two young kids. He didn’t feel like he could keep up with producing so much content.

This is a mistake many people fall into.

You don’t have to be writing and producing original content all the time.

There’s power in curation. Tell your audience what’s worth reading about. Or watching. Or listening.

With more information that ever before out there, no one can ever hope to stay on top of it all. That’s why you don’t have to be Mr. or Ms. Thought Leadership.

You just have to be a great curator.

Great curators win. People trust great curators. You become a person of influence in your sphere just through curation.

What can you share with others today?

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